McNeese State at Nebraska

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Well, last week was fun! Any other team laying down a rout against their opponent and it’s nap time, but I drank until the glorious end of the Huskers last week. It was like they were playing a mildly better Louisiana-Lafayette! Considering Florida Atlantic thought (still think?) they were going to come in and win the game, I’d say we were lucky to make it out with as many points as we did!

So what’s next? McNeese State. A school that apparently managed to win 10 games last year, as opposed to FAU’s 6, so they should be able to put up a bit more of a fight. But where the hell is McNeese? I’ve heard of plenty of the United States of America, but McNeese is a new one. It’s not even on Joey Tribbiani’s list of the 56 states!

McNeese State, former stomping grounds of Kerry Joseph, a CFL quarterback for the Edmonton Eskimos. They can’t be that great, right? For one, they are terribly unoriginal. The school goes by the Cowboys, and if I remember correctly, there’s about  60 other teams in college football that go by that name. For two, they didn’t do well in 2002 when the Huskers took down the Cowboys 38-14. Jammal Lord set some records that day, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some more records broken on Saturday.

I can’t imagine it going any other way, despite Randy Gregory’s lame knee keeping him sidelined. I don’t think he even got hurt on an action play. I just assume his dong unfurled and it accidentally hit his knee. Anyhow, if there’s a game he can miss, it’s this one.

The Red Storm will swell again, drenching its opponents in a sea of bloody redness. I don’t even care if it’s real blood, as long as it’s not coming from any Husker bodies. I’m just hoping it gets ugly.

McNeese State

That’s pretty much all I have for this week. I didn’t research McNeese, I didn’t care. Work was out of control, the love life is out of commission, and at this point I’m out of beer. This will not be the case come tomorrow, 9 AM PST. I will be at the bar, probably drunk by McNeese’s first three-and-out. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be at the beach 4 hours later, and much, much drunker.

Suck it McNeese.

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